Falling on Deaf Ears

A mother's instinct is usually right. This is my story of the battles, the appointments, the snide comments and coming out the other side. Oh, and anything else to do with life.

First shock. Will it be the last?

on October 12, 2012

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Thankfully, we only had to wait a couple of days following the SALT appointment, before we were in Audiology. I took the diagnosis sheet with me, explaining my concerns and what had been discovered so far.


I also explained that I thought his hearing was fine, but there were questions over Auditory Processing. The Audiologist initially agreed, saying that an ABR would most likely be appropriate.


But the appointment didn’t go as I had hoped. At the end of the session, she came to me and showed me the results. Okay, so they could be worse, but it was bad enough for me. She showed me that his left ear was clear and fine. It was his right ear that gave the cause for concern. There was fluid and he had mild to moderate hearing loss. We were told that this is most likely Glue Ear, but in the light of the results, further investigation would be needed.


This was a shock, as you can probably imagine. I was expecting nothing worse than irregular Brain Response, and now I’m told my son has difficulty hearing in his right ear. Go figure! Since learning this, it has become more obvious. The word ‘what’ is used by him more when I am on his right than his left. It is pretty constant, so I can imagine what will happen when he goes back.


Talking of which, we got his Audiology report through the post. It said scary stuff like ‘bone conductive in nature’ and stuff! Thankfully, I had the expertise of the NDCS Audiologist, who explained that it would be checking the cochlear, and although she thought that my son might be a little bit young for this, it was not uncommon and was completely harmless.


At least now I ha most of my answers, and we could begin to deal with the problems we faced. And perhaps, the fight would be over now. Wouldn’t it?






P.S. I am in this month’s copy of Essentials magazine, saying how it is important to follow your instincts. It is out in the shops now, so go buy it! Now!




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