Falling on Deaf Ears

A mother's instinct is usually right. This is my story of the battles, the appointments, the snide comments and coming out the other side. Oh, and anything else to do with life.

And so it begins

on October 8, 2012

Yoshi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The results from SALT were not as bad as we had hoped, but not as good either. I hoped that I would be told that he was low end ‘normal’ (Feel free to offer a description of normal in the comments!). Instead, I was told that he has definite Auditory Processing and Memory difficulties. Meaning, when he is spoken to, he might not understand, and if he does, he might not be able to remember.

One way of showing this was on the day of his diagnosis. There was a box, cut out to look like a post box, wrapped in gift paper that had pictures of the Mario Bros characters. A big fan of Mario I asked my son who was on the paper. He identified Luigi and Mario effectively, but could not identify Yoshi. As Yoshi is his favourite,  I knew that he was facing difficulty. I said the first letter and he remembered.

I was told by his therapist that the information going in was not stored properly, and this is why we were having difficulty. Also, he was incapable, ‘physically’ of remembering a set of more 5 or more instructions.

I am pleases to say that this diagnosis drastically improved our lives. I no longer have a child on the verge of tears because he can’t remember and I am being forceful, because I have the knowledge and understanding now that it isn’t my son being difficult or naughty, despite what his teachers say!

And that was the ‘best bit’. When given the results, his therapist told me that people will probably say he is naughty and doesn’t listen. It is sad for me to say that even now I get that, even those that know this isn’t always the case.

All we needed now was to get to the cause of the processing difficulties. I hoped it wouldn’t be long.


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