Falling on Deaf Ears

A mother's instinct is usually right. This is my story of the battles, the appointments, the snide comments and coming out the other side. Oh, and anything else to do with life.

The Beginning of the End?

on October 5, 2012

At my son’s second SALT assessment, I was told that there was evidence of a definite communication difficulty. This wasn’t a diagnosis, but it was what the therapist had picked up on. She wasn’t saying how severe it was, but we had to return for a formal diagnosis. We hoped that we would be told that he was bottom end of normal, as we were advised this was a possibility. It wasn’t the end of our worry, but it was consoling to know we weren’t 100% bona fide crazy! 

We still hadn’t heard from Audiology, and the Speech Therapist was on our case. We needed to know that there wasn’t a hearing loss, though I assured her that my son could hear fine. I duly chased it up, following a nice relaxing holiday.


Again, Audiology told us that the referral had not come through. By now, I was really fed up and not very happy with what was going on. I wanted, or rather needed answers, and I wasn’t going to get them if my son wasn’t assessed properly! I marched to the doctors, having got numbers and names from Audiology, and made it clear I was not moving until they referred my son properly and appropriately to Audiology. There was evidence in my son’s file that he should have been referred, but I explained he hadn’t. Thankfully, on this occasion, he was correctly referred, and we had his appointment through in a matter of weeks.


In all fairness to the Audiology department, they did bump him to the top of the list, where he would have been had the referral gone through properly in the first place, so we didn’t have to wait an excessively long time.

We got the results from SALT the week of my son’s Audiology appointment. 


They were bitter sweet.   

I failed to understand that answers wouldn’t mean diagnosis, and that this would be a long, bumpy and emotional ride.


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